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New Year's Resolutions - it's time to get your career on that list!

23th December 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, use this time to reflect on what went well and what you could've done better. It's easy to think about the usual resolutions, join the gym, save some money, but what about your career? Read below for some hints and tips going into 2017.

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British Job Hunters, Why So Shy?

23th November 2016

Some industry insight! Our latest blog post talks about the differences we've noticed in applications from those in the international job market. Don't be a sheep, make your CV stand out!

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Work Experience, is it really that important?!

5th August 2016

In this post Team Foxwood address the necessity of work experience when going forward for a new role. You can improve your application success hugely if you skill-up and show that you’ve applied yourself to a similar role beforehand! Read on for more, on why when going for a role, it’s crucial to have had some relevant past experience.

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What have we been up to this month?

29th July 2016

Our monthly blog to update what we get up to. A busy month with plenty of highlights, jump in to see what Team Foxwood have been doing!

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54321 + For Luca Charity Ride! 200 miles later...

11th July 2016

Cycling 200 Miles over three days is no easy task, but this team made it seem so! Cycling on behalf of two charities, St David's Hospice and the For Luca campaign. We wanted to give you a taste of the dedication the gang put into their fund-raising and so put a few questions to them...

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Why we're EXCITED about NEWPORT!

22th June 2016

Newport gets a bad reputation, we think it's unfair! Looking to the future we see ourselves being a part of something exciting, an unprecedented regeneration of Newport. Our untapped city is poised and ready to grow, and this blog post details just a few reasons why Foxwood are excited about the future!

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30 Seconds with Adele

18th May 2016

It's all about the team here; alongside our regular blog posts we will be taking the opportunity to showcase our team! Introducing our newest Foxwood Family member, Adele.

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Welcome to THE blog.

17th May 2016

The latest edition to the Foxwood website. Meet our shiny new blog, where we will be posting about team updates, hints and tips, the going's on in Newport and our relevant industries.

Photo credit: Gareth Willey

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