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60 Seconds with Victoria

27th October 2017

This month it’s the turn of the other half of the Director team at Foxwood Recruitment! Two years have whizzed by since the Foxwood Den was established, so we thought it’s about time we threw our infamous 60 second Q&A towards Victoria. Read on for some devilish revelations!

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Social Media and Recruitment - What to look out for!

10th October 2017

In today's age of oversharing and internet status we look at the huge impact our online presence has on the recruitment process. Make sure you're social media savvy, read on below and get ahead of the game!

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Summer is Almost Over - Update your CV with these pearls of wisdom.

31th August 2017

In this month's blog post we've summarised 7 handy ways to improve your CV if you're looking to secure that new role. Summer is over and the job hunt is back on!

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All Work And No Play? Know the Importance of Time Away

31th July 2017

In this month's blog post we delve into the benefits of Rest & Recuperation. Those sleepy, post lunch afternoons getting to you? We look at how taking holidays and utilising your lunch-hour can boost innovation and creative-thinking!

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60 Seconds with Jonathan

30th June 2017

Next in our 60 seconds with series is Jonathan Davies, one of the directors here in the Foxwood Den. Looking to hear about his childhood career goals and secret talents? Of course you are! Read on for more...

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Is Your Agency a Partner or Simply a Supplier?

11th May 2017

In this month’s blog post we look at how to go about building the perfect recruitment agency – client partnership. We consider the differences between recruitment agencies that partner with their clients and those which simply supply candidates. Read on for hints and tips on perfecting that recruiter relationship!

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26th April 2017

Adam celebrates a WHOLE year in the Foxwood Den this week, and what better way to reflect upon his time here than with a grueling ’60 Seconds with Adam.’ Know your recruiter! Check below for our rapid-fire questions and answers.

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