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Summer is Almost Over - Update your CV with these pearls of wisdom.

31th August 2017

So, you’ve let the job hunt slip a little over the summer period and as you stare at the greying autumn skies you find yourself wondering how you’ll be able to find yourself a new role now that everyone else has the same idea!

Don’t despair! For the crew at Foxwood Recruitment have highlighted a few invaluable hints and tips that will set your CV apart from the rest. After all, we’ve seen a fair few in our time.

  1. Let’s not beat around the bush, before tackling your structure and content make sure your spelling and grammar is good enough to pass even the most stringent of tests. As most roles involve writing of some sort, it’s pretty darn important; poor grammar / spelling can be a real turn-off for a potential employer. If spelling and grammar isn’t your strong point, ask someone else to give it the once over.
  2. Order your experience in reverse chronological order. Don’t start by telling your potential employer/ interviewer about your paper round in 2006 when really they just want to hear about your goals and successes as CEO of a top FTSE company. Time is of the essence people. Besides, by ordering your experience chronologically / relevancy, you’re going to make it much easier for your CV reviewer to pick out your lucrative skills.
  3. Add a photo. Why not? People are all too happy to attach profile photos to their Facebook / Twitter / Instagram accounts, but when it comes to the CVs of domestic job hunters we must garner their personality from the black and white text in front of us. Show us your face, let us imagine you securing that lucrative contract, completing that marathon or even achieving your piano Grade 8! (Just make sure the photo is appropriate for the job you’re applying for!)
  4. Don’t overstate your hobbies. Sure, you believe that you genuinely do love football, mountain climbing, photography, animals, swimming and cos-play, but pick a hobby and talk about it passionately. By listing too many interests, you could be signalling that you lack focus or aren’t particularly passionate about anything specific.
  5. We don’t believe in a rule on length, CVs should vary in length depending on the role you’re applying for but as a rule of thumb, make them as concise as possible. Space is valuable and you should avoid waffling on about things that you’ll be able to talk about in person. Get the most important aspects down on paper but leave something for the imagination, people!
  6. Email addresses. Where to begin? Let’s just say that if you refer to yourself as ‘’  or‘fifa_king1980’ you’re not exactly exuding professionalism from the outset. Treat yourself to a new email address that includes your name and one that follows the well-known format; you can’t really go too far wrong.
  7. Not specifically CV related but it’s always a good shout make sure your social media accounts don’t bare too much (or if they do, make sure you use the ‘show your grandma’ rule: Would you show her? If not, don’t do it).

So, give it a shot, sit down and spend an hour or two on your CV and get someone else to proof read it. Ask yourself, does it show your personality? Does it get straight to the point? Does it avoid clichés? Yes, yes, yes? You’re good to go.