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Social Media and Recruitment - What to look out for!

10th October 2017

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube; these are the world's leading social media platforms and like never before, we're projecting our personalities out to an audience unlimited in size and for an indeterminable time. Scary huh?

In this month's blog post, we consider the important role social media now plays in the recruitment process and offer a few pearls of wisdom on how to PC your social media presence. Whether you're live streaming your puppy, posting on your mate's wall or sharing a picture of your impressive latte pattern you're leaving digital footprints, all of which can be seen by potential employers 'on the social media snoop'!

Let's start with Profile Pictures; these can be a fantastic way of gathering a first impression, in fact we champion CVs that attach a smiley, work-appropriate photo. However, be aware that this is the viewers first taste of your personality, make it a decent first impression! When choosing a photo, make sure it's suited to your personality, but also think about what impression a stranger would get purely from that picture.

That photo of you and half naked Chippendales may be hysterical to you and your close friends, but does it truly represent your personality and professionalism?

Pictures in general are a great way to show the world what you've been up to; when posting that fire pic to the old Instagram make sure you're keeping it 'family friendly', or if you want to remain incognito, make your profile private. And if you really want the world to see your photos but don't want to be discovered make sure you choose a suitable handle that isn't related too closely with your full name, this makes it harder for strangers to view your profile. Otherwise stick to photos that you wouldn't mind potential employees seeing! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

When you've had a bad day in work, or in general day-to-day life, people often turn to the internet and social media accounts to rant about their situation. This is a big No-No. Twitter and Facebook are great platforms to use both socially and even to job hunt, although, occasionally, individuals use social media to outpour of their thoughts, good or bad, often forgetting that they're speaking on an open forum. Employers don't want to see individuals exploiting details about the workplace or other employees on any site, it can not only be illegal but also makes future and current employers questioning their trust of that worker.

Swearing can also be a problem on social media, get clever with your words so that you aren't projecting yourself as rude and unprofessional. With this in mind, make sure you don't leave your account vulnerable to your mates 'hilarious' banter - some statuses and updates can have real-world repercussions and you don't need that sort of stress, right?

In summary, get social media savvy by looking back though your page and having a good clean up of what may be inappropriate. Keep it clean and respectful, remember anyone can view your account. 

If you would like further support on how to sharpen up your social media to ensure you don't miss out on the 'perfect job' please contact the Foxwood team on 01633 749400.