Foxy News - September 2018

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Counter Offers - Are they worth considering?

14th September 2018

Thinking about leaving your current role? This month's advice post introduces the counter offer - dreaded for some, beneficial for others. We look at their impact and implications, surely you want to be in the know? Read on for why they're a big deal.

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Curveball Questions - Who Needs Em'?!

18th May 2018

Ever been caught out in an interview by a curveball question? Skill-up here and make sure you're expecting the unexpected next time!

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Employee Benefits - The Bigger Picture. More than just pay?

27th January 2018

In this month's update, we discuss the all-important benefits package that so many of us now expect! Job seekers, align your interests and seek the role with the benefits that suit you best. Employers, remain competitive and make sure you attract the right talent!

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