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British Job Hunters, Why So Shy?

10th August 2019

Here in the UK, we’re known for our stiff upper lip, polite nature and reserved tendencies, but to what extent does this attitude influence the recruitment market?


When recruiting candidates from abroad, we are prepared to deal with potential language barriers, relocation logistical nightmares and the working visa hurdles; but how prepared are UK job hunters in remaining competitive in this global recruitment environment?

There are stark differences between the structure of CVs we receive from applicants based in the UK to those received from aboard; on the whole, it’s safe to say that international job hunters are far more open, proactive and dynamic than their UK counter parts!

Our recent recruitment for a role in Dubai meant we were quickly exposed to the differentiation in applications from those in the international job market compared to those coming from the UK. Candidates from the Middle East and further, produced vibrant and interactive CV’s in order to catch our attention, this tactic serves them by helping their application to stand out, especially because we were accustomed to searching through piles of CVs in the usual Microsoft Word format.

What else have we seen?

Some candidates present themselves on a plate, giving us a sneak-peak of their personality on interview by providing us clips from television or YouTube videos. This direct approach can help settle the recruiters doubts when initially considering the applicant and can vastly increase the applicant’s chances of being considered. In this international job-seeking climate, meeting up for a face-to-face interview can be tricky and costly, this open approach can remedy the issues that recruiting for international roles is plagued by!

Thinking of adding a photo? That sits well with us too! Showing your face on your CV can help to present yourself as a confident candidate who takes pride in their appearance. It’s important for recruiter and employers to believe that you are as confident as your CV says you are.

One of the biggest drawbacks we’ve noticed about the domestic reserved job applications is the fact candidates applying for sales roles actually leave out their sales performance. When considering an application for a sales role, the recruiter needs to see your sales acumen. Those applying in the international market are far more open to showing their sales prowess and recognise the need to stand out in this diverse market.

Should candidates tailor their CVs to the country of application?

Some recruiters argue that to succeed in the initial stages of an application, you need to tailor your CV to fit the norms of that country. We can see why some might come to this conclusion but Foxwood Recruitment like to think that the best way to highlight your application is to use these various forms of media to draw attention to your CV. If you tailor your CV to the country of application, aren’t you just trying to blend-in with the job market?

Breaking the barrier of the CV is crucial. Where you might normally do that over interview, the situation in the international job field is far more competitive and for applicants it’s imperative that candidates can show a bit more of their personality, whether that be via video or photo. CVs received for a multitude of roles can be monotonous and much the same; individuality is key and that’s what applicants must bear in mind when crafting their CV.