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‘I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!’

31th October 2019

Ghosting: the irritating phenomenon where an individual suddenly breaks off all communication and disappears off the radar. Ghosting occurs with frustrating regularity in the recruitment industry, so in this edition of the Foxwood Blog our Director Jonathan explores some solutions to tackling ghosts and reducing how often you get ghosted. So, instead of reaching for your phone to make the obvious call, shout ‘I ain’t afraid of no ghost!’ and get reading.

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British Job Hunters, Why So Shy?

10th August 2019

Some industry insight! Our latest blog post talks about the differences we've noticed in applications from those in the international job market. Don't be a sheep, make your CV stand out!

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Onboarding vs Retention - Why the first few months matter.

10th January 2019

In our latest blog article, we turn our attention to the process of onboarding and why it’s relevant in making sure your new hires go the distance!

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