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‘I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!’

31th October 2019

It is not just the world of dating or relationships where Ghosting has become a big issue. Recent research by linked in suggests that 96% of recruiters have been ghosted, we have certainly seen our fair share here in the den! Whilst as us recruiters and hiring managers are overall a resilient lot, it can be a little disheartening when somebody disappears with no trail.

Whilst ghosting has always been around it is far more conspicuous in the age of social media. There are many thoughts on why it has crept into the recruitment world. Record employment levels mean that candidates naturally have greater choice of role. It maybe down to the way we communicate in the modern age, happier to tweet or DM rather than pick up the phone up and talk it out. Whatever the reason, I’m sure we all agree its not only annoying but can be a little disheartening. Victoria Morris Director of Foxwood Recruitment gives her 4 top tips in how to bust that ghost.

  • Don’t be a slug- slow, inflexible, elongated screening and recruitment processes are a turn off because in the day of instant interaction candidates seek a slicker process. Why not organise a telephone call or chat with candidates who’s CV’s take your fancy? Rather than organise 5 back to back interviews, get people in as they come in!


  • Don’t low ball on the offer stage- if you have gone all out through the process why risk losing the person? just put your best foot forward.


  • Think touch points- Get the candidate engaged with your company throughout the notice and onboarding process. Some great ideas or getting the line manager to meet for a coffee or call during the time between offer and start date. This is a time of mixed emotions for some candidates: after the initial elation of the offer comes the uncertainty of something new. Interaction helps coax them through this.


  • Finally, lead by example- don’t ghost candidates yourself! You may have your eye on a particular candidate, but things may change sooner than you think; always give feedback and progress updates to all candidates involved, not just the easy calls!