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NEWSFLASH! Covid-19 hasn’t killed the job market!

26th March 2020

It is currently a chalk and cheese situation in the job market: some industries are frenziedly hiring to meet the exponential rise in demand for their services; others are frozen and have unfortunately resorted to making staff redundant to cut costs in the quest to stay afloat. Covid-19 is, among many awful things, turning into an unwelcome reminder of how volatile the economy and, by extension, the job market can be. Either through a combination of lock-down and working from home, workplace closure or redundancy, those of us not in essential services have a great deal more time on our hands than usual.

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Avoiding Cabin Fever and High Biscuit Consumption: Our Guide To Working From Home

20th March 2020

‘I’m working from home today’- a phrase all too often accompanied by a wink or met with a knowing glance. Don’t lie we’ve all been there. The point is, unless you have the self-discipline of a Shaolin Monk (if so, we applaud you), working from home is a metaphorical minefield of distractions. Starting out with even the best intentions can quickly degenerate into taking the dog for a walk, doing the odd jobs at home which couldn’t quite fit into the weekend, catching up on Netflix in the background, eating your bodyweight in the biscuits stashed for a rainy day, going out for lunch and somehow ending up clothes shopping… you get the picture.
Now, thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Our Directors, Jonathan and Victoria, here at the Foxwood Den have put together six top tips which we think will go a long way to keeping your productivity up and hopefully avert a potentially messy divorce/breakup/fight/disinheritance (please delete as appropriate, no promises though). Here goes!

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99 Problems? Video Interviews Shouldn't Be One.

17th March 2020

Covid-19. Reading the front page of any newspaper (wearing gloves, obviously), tuning into the radio, or surfing the web you will be met with a litany of articles either charting the spread or predicting the wider socio-economic impact of the virus. Yes, this is an uncertain and challenging period for business: particularly in the hospitality and transport sectors. However, provided companies can adapt to safeguard their employees’ health in line with government advice, ‘business as usual’ remains very much the status quo.

Recruitment has carried on regardless of the virus and we have seen a massive upsurge of clients transitioning to video techniques to remotely interview their candidates in the last week alone; these can take the form of live video interview or recorded assessment. Video interviews can be daunting, but with the following tips built from our wealth of experience here at the Foxwood Den, video interviews don’t have to cause you any extra stress!

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60 Seconds with Chloe

15th January 2020

This edition of ’60 seconds…’ is with our original graduate consultant Chloe. Away from the Foxwood Den, when not jetting off to the beaches of the Aegean Sea or in the gym preparing for the beach, Beyoncé’s biggest fan can be found walking her miniature dachshund- Sasha Fierce- and listening to anything RnB.

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