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Recruitment: Service or Partnership?

25th August 2020

No two businesses are the same: company ethos, working environment and vision vary massively across different industries; businesses of equivalent size and sector often have little in common aside from the services which they provide. Newsflash- this applies to recruiters too! We all work a little differently, but here at Foxwood we are pretty adamant that we add the most value to the recruitment process when treated as a partner, not just a supplier. But what does this mean?

If you were to pay somebody to go clothes shopping for you and gave them a list of your favourite labels, colours and garments but not your sizes, those clothes would be heading back to the store before you could say ‘what a waste of money’ and tell all your friends about your bad experience. We think the recruiting process is similar: it is far easier when recruiters and clients are on the same page. Here at the Foxwood Den we jump at the chance to visit our clients’ offices, factories and distribution centres, meet as many of the staff as possible and get a genuine feel for what the working environment is like. Not only does this give us a better appreciation for who will best fit the culture, but also saves the client from having to filter candidates from the process due to poor compatibility.

Recruitment can be a costly process if poorly managed: the fees recruiters charge reflect our expertise in selecting the best candidates for the role in question and the outsourcing of the time-intensive recruitment process. Clients naturally want the best value for money, who doesn’t? Armed with a one-page job description, salary bracket and a skim read of the client’s website any recruiter worth their salt can return a shortlist of CVs. Will these candidates have exceptional relevant experience? Undoubtedly. Will these candidates be a cultural fit? Who knows? In cases such as these, recruitment can cost big time: not only in the short term but also in the long term, with many companies only counting the cost of their poor judgement in the months following an ill-fitting hire. Giving your recruitment providers an in-depth understanding of your company will increase the chances of a swift, successful hire and also justify the price tag attached to our services!

The Foxwood Team here like to think we are good match makers, so we had a go at listing five ways to create the perfect client-recruiter relationship:

  1. Culture, Culture, Culture! Choose a recruitment agency that you think represents your company’s values. Why would you attach yourself to a company singing from a different hymn sheet from yourself?
  2. Address the elephant in the room. Have an open chat about fees; each recruitment agency will value their services differently, just like each client will expect levels of service at different prices. Having a frank and honest chat early in the process about your relative expectations will make for a happier partnership going forward.
  3. Trust your partner! Trust is reciprocal and if you have the confidence to allow a recruitment agency to behave like an ‘in house’ recruitment department, there will be greater transparency throughout the process. Whether it is finding candidates who are in it for the long haul, or refining the sourcing process together, a trusting relationship will put you both in a good place.
  4. Use job descriptions. They do exactly what they say on the tin, the more detail the better. Job descriptions are undoubtedly the best way to get across objective criteria for the role and give your recruitment team the parameters of the role with no ambiguities. We may be able to create a job advert based on your company mantra but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, job specs are the way-forward.
  5. More is not always better. Yes, putting a role to market with several agencies can lead to a faster placement and generate a race to the bottom in fees; this may seem like a win-win from a client’s perspective. However, appointing a single supplier is a massive vote of confidence and helps to build that all-important trust, allowing your recruiter to gain a far better appraisal of your culture to source only the most suitable candidates, rather than just racing to put CVs in your in-tray. 

These steps go can go a long way in forging a long-term professional relationship, which for both parties can mean a faster, more efficient recruitment pipeline with smart long-term hires: ultimately a better experience and more bang for your buck!

Are you looking to make your next successful, long-term hire? Or are you currently in the market for a new role? Please get in touch with our team here at the Foxwood Den on 01633 749400 or drop us an email to for free, confidential advice on how to make the job market work for you!