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Avoiding Cabin Fever and High Biscuit Consumption: Our Guide To Working From Home

20th March 2020

‘I’m working from home today’- a phrase all too often accompanied by a wink or met with a knowing glance. Don’t lie we’ve all been there. The point is, unless you have the self-discipline of a Shaolin Monk (if so, we applaud you), working from home is a metaphorical minefield of distractions. Starting out with even the best intentions can quickly degenerate into taking the dog for a walk, doing the odd jobs at home which couldn’t quite fit into the weekend, catching up on Netflix (sponsorships welcome) in the background, eating your bodyweight in the biscuits stashed for a rainy day, going out for lunch and somehow ending up clothes shopping… you get the picture.

Now, thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Jonathan and Victoria, our Directors here at the Foxwood Den have put together six top tips which we think will go a long way to keeping your productivity up and hopefully avert a potentially messy divorce/breakup/fight/disinheritance (please delete as appropriate, no promises though). Here goes!


  1. Same… Stuff, Different Day. Leave your morning routine unchanged: if you shower, then shower; if you don’t, at least put on deodorant please. Dress as you would do in the office, after all, look smart, think smart. Resist the temptation to change up your breakfast choices, grab a tea or coffee if it’s your thing and start working at the same time as you would in the office. It’s just another day.
  1. Establish Your Space. There is nothing worse than perching yourself on the sofa only to be interrupted by someone putting the television on. Use some common sense and find yourself a quiet room or space where you won’t have to up sticks and move your set-up every five minutes. This leads us rather nicely onto our next tip…
  1. Set Some Ground Rules. Once you have planted your spear in the sand (not literally), let your partner(s), kids or housemates know that you mean business: you may be at home, but work is where the mind is. We’re not advocating the threat of violence, but random interruptions are never welcome, so mute your social media and politely request some peace and quiet from your cohabiters. They say rules are meant to be broken, not these ones though or else there will be trouble.
  1. Keep Regular Hours. Try to build a schedule at the start of the day, as you would in the office, and fight hard to stick to it. Yes, it’s tempting to do odd jobs round the house, walk the dog, play with the kids/on the games console but that’s a slippery slope. Manageable series of targets = better focus.
  1. Take A Break (honestly, contact us for sponsored posts). Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you are immune from burn out. Breaks are almost as important as doing the work itself: to be at your productive best take regular breaks and don’t skimp! Obviously, if you’re in lockdown your options are marginally more limited, but you can still get some fresh air. Take 5 in the garden and your schedule becomes infinitely more manageable.
  1. Stay Connected. Granted, you have set ground rules about not being interrupted but keep as much human contact as you can. Working from home can seem isolating at the best of times. Zoom, Skype and Facetime (sponsors still welcome) are great ways that you can host online meetings, keep in touch with everybody, help you feel connected and make sure everyone is feeling the love.


So that’s just about all for this instalment of Foxy News! Hopefully these tips can go a long way to revolutionising your productivity while working at home, or at the very least keep you off the biscuits for 5 minutes. And please remember that if you are in the market for your next hire, or need some confidential careers advice in this uncertain period, give our team a call on 01633 749400 or drop an email to hello@foxwoodrecruitment.com and we’ll do what we do best!