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60 Seconds with Chloe

15th January 2020

This edition of ’60 seconds…’ is with our original graduate consultant Chloe. Away from the Foxwood Den, when not jetting off to the beaches of the Aegean Sea or in the gym preparing for the beach, Beyoncé’s biggest fan can be found walking her miniature dachshund- Sasha Fierce- and listening to anything RnB.


What was your first single?

Rihanna- Umbrella (we’re all still in shock too that it wasn’t Beyoncé!)

 Which 3 guests would you invite to dinner?

Beyoncé, Michelle Obama and Will Smith.

 What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to be a TV Presenter.

 Any hidden talents?

I can move my ears without touching them!

 What is your favourite meal?

You can’t beat a good steak.

 Any nicknames?


 Name the cocktail which describes you best?

A Cosmopolitan- thinks she’s the Carrie Bradshaw of Newport!

 If your life was a brand, what would your motto be?

‘What would Beyoncé do?’

 What is your role in the Foxwood Den?

The ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ consultant and Beyoncé expert.

 All-time favourite holiday destination?

Sani Resort- Greece

 And finally, what’s your favourite photo in your camera role?