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Stand Out From The Flock: How To Make The Current Job Market Work For You!

3th September 2020

The job market is no exception to the timeless idiom that it Takes Two to Tango: the same factors which we are about to divulge on are relevant to candidates and employers alike, so this blog will approach each factor from both sides of the fence. Anyway, congratulations, you’ve chosen to take the first step, you’re here to get ahead of the competition and that’s all that really matters. Settle down, get comfy, maybe even grab a snack and get prepared for us to put any worries you have about the job market to rest.

  • Don’t undervalue yourself. Being made redundant is a not a nice process under any circumstance, especially when so many others are in the same boat as yourself. It can feel like a salary cut is the only way to find a new role in a congested job market and sometimes this may be a necessity to pursue a new opportunity but resist under-valuing yourself. Be honest with yourself, what are you looking for in your new role? If you are after a stopgap, perhaps a temporary role is the route to go: joining a company under the pretence that you’re with them for the long haul, only to jump ship as soon as a more lucrative opportunity presents itself rarely reflects well.

Now let us approach the same issue with from a client’s perspective…

  • Resist the race to the bottom. If you are recruiting at present, there is an extremely congested pool of exceptional candidates currently in the market for a new role. As we have just discussed, the fact that certain roles are in relatively short supply may make some candidates more willing to consider taking a drop in salary in order to find a new opportunity. Exploiting the market to make a hire at below market price may be attractive in the short-term, but will only hurt you in the long run. Yes, you can make a new hire with good bang for your buck but when your new hire jumps ship at the first sniff of a salary in line with their experience you’ll be back at square one. Plus, no one ever built a good workplace environment with a revolving door.

Candidates, switch back on, this one is for you!

  • Quality, not quantity. We’ve all been there, ‘apply for as many jobs as possible’ is the good-meaning advice we’ve all been given at some point or other. It’s not bad advice either: in a literal sense, every application you make is another chance to secure a job and you never get if you don’t ask. But if we had a penny for every candidate who either hasn’t read the job description for the role they just applied for and then is surprised when they don’t like the salary, don’t want to work in that sector or even live on the wrong continent (yeah really), we would be able to build a really cool fort out of pennies. As a candidate, picture yourself in the recruiter’s shoes for a minute (I know, they’re comfy, aren’t they). You have called an applicant to find out a little more about them and potentially book in a provisional interview, to be met with ‘I have applied for every job I could find on the site, so can’t really remember which one you are talking about.’ Will you be referring a candidate to the client or, if it is an internal team, your boss? We think not. If you are going to apply for a job, do your homework and make every application your best application!
  • Candidates- Don’t be afraid to shop about. This follows on nicely from our last point. Especially at the moment it may seem like there just aren’t jobs out there but, believe us, they’re out there alright. Granted, your perfect job may not, but that shouldn’t stop you searching everywhere for it; leave no stone unturned and you will be more likely to find a role you will be happy to pursue long-term. If you are willing to settle for the first job that pops up on the job board irrespective of salary and sector just to get back into the workplace, will you really be happy?

Funnily enough, the same goes for employers too:

  • Employers- Don’t be afraid to shop about either. To thieve a quote from one of our previous points ‘there is an extremely congested pool of exceptional candidates.’ Fact. It can be tempting when there are candidates literally throwing themselves at you (we had 350 applicants come in for a role last month) to take the easy route and make a speedy hire. What’s to say the best applicant isn’t the last? Even if you are after a quick hire, there is more time than you think: interview both direct applicants and those headhunted by your recruitment team. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to grill your candidates on what their aspirations are and whether they’re a great cultural fit for your company, we think you should never compromise on these. If you hire a candidate who is in it for the wrong reasons, you’ll be hunting for their replacement in no time.

And, so, we come to the end of another edition of Foxy News. Hopefully, we have answered some questions, put some nagging doubts to rest and made successfully finding a new long-term role or hire in the current climate a slightly less daunting process. If you are in either camp and would like to find out more about how our team here at the Foxwood Den can help, please give us a bell on 01633 749400 or drop an email to for a confidential, no obligations chat!