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Recruitment Explained

18th September 2020

‘Oh, I’ve got a couple of friends who work in recruitment too, what do you actually do?’ It came up in the Foxwood Den the other day just how frequently each of us has conversations which go a little like this. So, we put our heads together (at a social distance) to bring you a handy factsheet on what recruitment actually is and how it works. You never know when you might meet a recruiter, so armed with this new knowledge you can amaze everyone with your inside knowledge on the industry. 


What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is an umbrella term which encompasses a wide range of companies and hiring practices. Every agency works in a different manner from each other, even if recruiting for the same role in the same sector; by extension, consultants working in the same office will have their own individual ways of getting the job done. The world would be boring if we were all robots anyway. On the contrary, this diversity does make it quite hard to categorise exactly what constitutes recruitment. Not ones to be put off, our team here at the Foxwood Den think that recruitment agencies can be divided into four broad categories of organisation and have split them into bite-sized chunks for you:

  1. Temporary (Employment) Agencies, as the name suggests, hire candidates to roles on a temporary basis. The period of employment is pre-defined; the candidate is technically employed by the agency itself and is usually paid an hourly rate.


  1. Traditional Recruitment Agencies typically place candidates into permanent or fixed-term contract positions; usually working on a no placement, no fee basis, therefore it is in the recruiter’s best interest to find an exceptional candidate who is looking to settle long term. Traditional agencies will also offer high levels of support to their candidates including CV advice and interview coaching.


  1. Headhunting and Executive Search Agencies trade in the top end of the market where salaries and competition are highest. Agencies of this sort will work on a retained basis whereby the client pays a retaining fee to secure the services of the agency to the job; in this sector the fee calculated by percentage of salary is usually far higher too.


  1. Specialist Recruitment Agencies work on a more fluid basis and can encompass temporary, contingency and retained roles. These usually operate in market niches on roles with extremely specific technical requirements for candidates. Likewise, there are some specialist agencies which work in a manner akin to ‘traditional’ agencies but operate exclusively in one particular industry or sector.


Where Does Foxwood Fit In?

A very good question indeed. How we work at Foxwood Recruitment falls largely into the traditional bracket, operating exclusively on permanent and fixed-term contract roles. As opposed to some traditional agencies, we run exclusively on a search and select policy: you can’t just sign on to the Foxwood database. See what we meant earlier about a wide range of practices?

Being traditionalists, we don’t ‘specialise’ in a certain industry per se, however, that isn’t to say we aren’t specialists at what we do: quite the opposite. We have successfully recruited roles from entry level up to director for clients in a plethora of sectors; from waste management to IT multinationals and everything in between. Specialising in one sector would be selling short the wealth of expertise across the range of markets which we are spoilt to have here in the Foxwood Den!


Why Not Find Out for Yourself?

So, in a brief nutshell, that is how Foxwood Recruitment fits into the market. We can’t speak for how anyone else in recruitment operates: truly no two agencies are the same, so don’t be afraid to shop around for a recruitment partner who matches your company ethos and your specific needs. We may be biased, but we know what we do inside-out and think we do it seriously well. Telling everyone repeatedly gets a little wearing and doesn’t make you very popular at socially distanced parties of six, so don’t just take our word: please give us a shout on 01633 749400 or drop an email to to find out how we work first-hand!