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How can you benefit from using a recruiting agency?

21th April 2021

Contemplating using a recruitment agency but want to learn more about the benefits first? Foxwood discusses 4 reasons why recruitment agencies will benefit your business.

Finding the perfect fit for your company can be like finding a needle in a haystack. You’ve established that you need to hire a new employee but where do you start? Pre-pandemic, the standard job advert in the UK received an average of 25 applicants. Fast forward to the end of 2020 and employers are now receiving an average of 506 applications for low-skilled vacancies, and 56 applications for high-skilled vacancies. You now have 506 people who believe they are perfect for the one vacancy you have… how do you decide who gets it? Well, this is where we come in.  

1. Access the best of the best

We are trained professionals in the field of recruiting, and we know how to find your needle. If you use a recruitment agency, you’re statistically more likely to access the best job-seekers on the market. Not only do we have access to the best talent, but candidates themselves are far more likely to register with an agency due to their efficiency. Working with a recruiter means that the candidates will have up-to-date and improved CVs and portfolios that have been looked through thoroughly by us. Recruiters help to fully prepare you for the job role and interview by giving you in-depth descriptions of what the role entails, and providing you with tips, advice, and support. In short, using a recruiter gives you access. In our experience, once clients engage with us, they have already endured months of searching for the right candidate for their specific roles. They will spend valuable time waiting patiently for online application submissions, only to then realize that those applicants are not suitable.

2&3. Double save

We all know how the saying goes, ‘time is money’. But if you use a recruitment agency, you are saving time. And what’s more precious than time? Time enables more leeway to focus on your business and saving time saves you money. Recruiters spend just 6-8 seconds reviewing a CV before they decide whether it is suitable for a vacancy or not - we can see who stands out and who doesn’t. Agencies will ensure that all relevant initial processes have been completed and only those worth considering will be brought forward into the next steps, “this allows you to run your businesses effectively” [Jonathan, Foxwood Recruitment]. This alleviates the stress of decision making, scheduling interviews and the communication back and forth- all you need to do is prepare and turn up!

You may be wondering, ‘but how am I saving money if I’m paying an agency?’ or ‘do I really need a middle-man in the process?’ The benefits of recruitment agencies far outweigh the costs. We find better talent in less time so that top companies can focus on their own business objectives. And what about the true cost of a bad hire? Hiring and training a new person only for them to not work out can cause problems pretty quickly, plus the fact that the cost of hiring someone new will essentially be spent twice!

4. we know what we're doing

The requirements set by an employer can seem unachievable or difficult to find but this is where the industry expertise of a recruiter comes in. They will know: how to contact the best available talent, salary rates and expectations, career expectations, any difficulties around hiring, how to stand out to employers and the required skill-sets versus shortages. How can you spot a good recruiter? The most common set of skills that every good recruiter will have includes:

  • Marketing skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and confidence
  • Time-management
  • Patience
  • Target-driven
  • Team-work skills
  • IT skills
  • Relationship-building skills


Working within recruitment is exciting. Not only do you have the ability to change peoples lives and find them their dream job, but you can also change the direction and success of a business with finding the perfect candidate for a key role. If you’d like to discuss further how a recruitment agency could help you or your business, give us a call on 01633 749400 or email us