Foxy News - December 2021

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Counter Offers - Are they worth considering?

16th December 2021

Thinking about leaving your current role? This month's advice post introduces the counter offer - dreaded for some, beneficial for others. We look at their impact and implications, surely you want to be in the know? Read on for why they're a big deal.

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60 Seconds With Jessica

2th December 2021


Following an action packed last few months, we’re delighted to announce that our team here at the Foxwood Den are welcoming a new member! Jessica is no stranger to being part of a close-knit team, having a wealth of experience in high-performance sporting environments: from semi-professional rugby, to international lacrosse and even a long stint as Head of Human Performance for Strakka Racing. Jessica will be joining Alex in our Candidate Management Team where she will be partnering with our wonderful clients to deliver their next long-term hires and we can’t wait to see her hit the ground running!

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Business as usual? Preparing for face-to-face interviews in a post-Covid world.

24th May 2021

Yes, we say post-Covid here very lightly. Because the reality is, coronavirus will be affecting us for a long time. But we need to work on getting back a snippet of normality whilst leaning to adapt in a safe and new way. Keep on reading to discover the ways that face-to face interviews will be changing and read our guide on how to prepare and overcome anxieties.

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How can you benefit from using a recruiting agency?

21th April 2021

Contemplating using a recruitment agency but want to learn more about the benefits first? Foxwood discusses 4 reasons why recruitment agencies will benefit your business.

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"Going Up?" What on earth is 'The Elevator Pitch' and why do you need it in your life?

12th April 2021

Think about your dream job.

Now think about what would happen if you ended up in an elevator with the CEO of your dream job...

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7th April 2021

As the late and great Maya Angelou once said, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

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Wellbeing In The Workplace

31th March 2021

Here at Foxwood, it’s #wellbeingweek. Read on for 6 ways to improve wellbeing in the workplace and find out what we do as a team to stay happy and healthy!

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Finding motivation and climbing the ladder of success [lockdown edition]

24th March 2021

All aboard the ladder of success! Have you got your ticket yet?

Whilst lockdown seems to be coming to an (oh so welcomed) end, there are many individuals still working from home. If you’re feeling unmotivated or need a helping hand in gaining success whilst working at home, this one’s for you!

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Recruitment and Dating: The Same Thing Right?

16th February 2021

Recruiters have always been seen as the match makers of the professional world and in a time where dating apps are the norm, comparisons are easily be drawn. Indeed, the current restrictions on face-to-face contact have created a complete shift into the virtual sphere for both recruitment and dating alike. So, in light of Valentine’s Day this past weekend our team here at the Foxwood Den thought the apparent confluence between the worlds of recruitment and dating were the perfect opportunity to answer the following question. How similar, really, are recruitment and dating?

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60 Seconds In The Virtual Den

5th February 2021

Our most recent blog on the Foxy News channel got us thinking… We’ve offered a lot of advice on working from home and surviving lockdown with some semblance of sanity left (or at least as much as you went in with). This time though, for once, we’ve parked work at the door to give you a brief snapshot into how Team Foxwood are coping with lockdown outside of working hours, once the laptops close in the virtual Den.

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Working From Home: What We've Learnt

1th February 2021

Depending on personal perspective, the last twelve months have either flown or crawled by. More lockdowns and firebreaks than we care to count, Eat Out to Help Out, Christmas, oh and did we mention more lockdowns have come and gone with pretty much one constant: working from home. 11 months on from our initial blog on the topic, we’re diving back into our original advice to see if those pearls of wisdom are still applicable this far down the line. We’ll keep this short, even if we were wrong we wouldn’t admit it!

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