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60 Seconds In The Virtual Den

5th February 2021

Our most recent blog on the Foxy News channel got us thinking… We’ve offered a lot of advice on working from home and surviving lockdown with some semblance of sanity left (or at least as much as you went in with). This time though, for once, we’ve parked work at the door to give you a brief snapshot into how Team Foxwood are coping with lockdown outside of working hours, once the laptops close in the virtual Den.

Strap in tight for this whistle-stop tour, as we pitch the simple question to the team:

When the working day ends, what have you been doing?



‘Getting stuck into some precious family time with Craig and the twins, Bobby and Luna! We’ve made the most of not being able to be out and about so much by adding more decorative touches to our ongoing home renovation project. I’m still officially in half marathon training and have been clocking up the miles ready for when lockdown eventually ends so I can tick that one off my bucket list. Last, but not least, I’m having a dabble in cold water therapy, brrrr…’



'My better half, Rhi has been working from home as well so juggling childcare, home schooling and not walking across the back of her video calls has been a delicate balancing act! All jokes aside I’ve been making the most of the extra family time which has kept me sane and driven me mad in equal measure. To switch off I have been getting involved with all things Zwift on my WattBike: having smashed my target of 1000km and 10,000m of climbing for January and am already well stuck into replicating this in February!'



'Working overtime, obviously (yeah sure). I hate to make this blog sound like a broken record but spending more time with family has been great as I haven’t lived at home for nearly six years. Meanwhile, I’m still getting my fitness fix through a mix of a neat little gym setup in the shed as well as getting out as often as possible to run and cycle. Apart from that you can’t overstate how much time I’ve spent playing with the dog or reading a book!'


In a nutshell exercise and family time make the Foxwood Den tick, you heard it here first.


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