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Recruitment and Dating: The Same Thing Right?

16th February 2021

Recruiters have always been seen as the match makers of the professional world and in a time where dating apps are the norm, comparisons are easily be drawn. Indeed, the current restrictions on face-to-face contact have created a complete shift into the virtual sphere for both recruitment and dating alike. So, in light of Valentine’s Day this past weekend our team here at the Foxwood Den thought the apparent confluence between the worlds of recruitment and dating were the perfect opportunity to answer the following question. How similar, really, are recruitment and dating?

As we inch painstakingly through yet another national lockdown, whilst meeting our clients and candidates in person is no longer possible or necessary, the quality of available technology has meant this isn’t a massive issue. But, as I hear you shouting from the floor, isn’t this the same as dating? Strap in, this one should be a giggle.

Candidate Search

Here at Foxwood we primarily operate a search and select model: we advertise jobs but also scour both our own database and online databases for the right candidates to create a longlist. This initial aspect of our search is grounded almost entirely in the candidate’s CV and whether their experience and credentials are what our client is looking for; although personality and cultural fit are central to a successful hire, qualifications are number one.

Now, to virtual dating. Spoiler alert, there are some similarities. We’ll tentatively keep the term ‘candidate’ when talking about the dating scene too for continuity, although if the dating scene is really that transactional for you, maybe that’s why you’re still single! Much like recruitment, in the online dating world you will review a candidate’s credentials without them ever knowing you have done so. In dating, someone’s ‘credentials’ will be presumably centred more around their physical appearance and your mutual interests. Somehow, we don’t think a dating platform marketing people based on their previous experiences and partners would be inundated with applicants!

Initial Contact

We’re old fashioned here in the recruitment world, oh and we move fast. If we want to make contact, a simple phone call is still King. Over the phone you can ask an infinite number of questions and, more importantly, receive immediate answers whilst also assessing unspoken factors: how the candidate engages with you as well as gauging their interest in the role through verbal cues, to name a couple.

If someone rang out of the blue off a dating website, we would lock our doors and find a baseball bat. Initial contact via a message is the norm and consequently you don’t get the level of understanding of the ‘candidate’ as at the equivalent stage of recruitment. Messaging a complete stranger is reliant on the interest of both parties, not to mention the ability to craft witty and engaging conversation via the medium of the written word. Cue the horrendous chat up line followed by a week of awkward small talk…

In all honesty, a phone call to make initial contact is so much easier in recruitment than dating because we’re fact-finding what a candidate actually wants in their next position before selling them a certain job opportunity. This is ultimately a transactional process which carries certain significant personal connotations for the candidate, whereas dating is wholly personal. Anyway, if someone tried to explain why you should go out with them over the phone by listing their good traits you would run a mile!

First ‘Date’

We like the candidate’s credentials and personality enough to progress them through to first interview. In the past we would have sat down with a candidate over a coffee. Interviews in this style are sadly postponed, so we’ll have a video call; oh, and did we mention our pioneering video software which allows us to send a recording of the interview to the client?

Now that in-person dates are off the cards too, are there video interviews for dating? Some platforms offer the option but trying to make small talk is difficult enough without throwing a bad internet connection and an unflattering camera angle into the mix. Interviewing virtually works perfectly well for us recruiters, but dating is just too personal, and, in our book, it would feel a tad manufactured meeting someone for the first time via webcam.

Client Interview 

The next step on the recruitment pathway. We suppose this could be compared to a second date or meeting the parents (eek!). But, actually, seeing as recruiters shortlist candidates for their clients it would be more comparable to having a friend controlling your dating profile and then taking your potential suitor for a drink before actually setting up a first date with yourself. Weird right?

Job Offer and Acceptance

An accepted offer followed by a start-date for a candidate’s long-term tenure at their new position is the endgame of the recruitment process. The process of getting to this stage varies according to every company: it may take five or more interviews; indeed, it may only take one to hit off- a broad similarity to dating (hurray!). However, dating, in our experience at least, rarely ends well if a legally binding contract is needed to secure someone’s affections after a maximum of five dates. A more relaxed approach may be advisable!

To Summarise…

So, there it is: we think dating and recruitment aren’t too similar after all, but and we repeat but we’re only experts in recruitment after all, otherwise we would be Foxwood Group!

We hope this one gave you a few giggles, because let’s be honest smiling is always something we could do more of, especially in these times! In all seriousness, if you are in a tough patch either looking for a new job or are unsure about how to pursue your next successful hire, get in touch with our team here at the Foxwood Den on 01633 749400 or drop us a line to!