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Wellbeing In The Workplace

31th March 2021

Here at Foxwood, it’s #wellbeingweek. The term ‘wellbeing’ broadly refers to the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. This then links in with one’s quality of life. We know how important it is for everyone to feel comfortable and happy in their workplace and we want to make sure that your wellbeing is doing OK. It is important that you are getting the utmost support that you deserve.

If you’re reading this, thanks for clicking! Pour yourself a nice hot drink and let’s get started.


Not much of a reader? Here’s some useful videos:

8 tips for Mental health during COVID-19 lockdown - YouTube [2 minutes 59]

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This is what makes employees happy at work | The Way We Work, a TED series - YouTube [4:09]



We want to share 6 ways on how to improve positive well-being in the workplace.


  1. Practice thorough, all-round self-care. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to maintaining wellbeing. Take care of your body and mind. Treat yourself nicely, be kind to yourself.


  1. Take a break. It is suggested that short, frequent breaks are better than longer, less often breaks. Take 5-10 minutes every hour or so. Get up and walk around. Open the door and spend 5 minutes out in the fresh air. Close your eyes for 5 minutes to take the pressure off during screen-time. Don’t skip this step. We know how easy it is to ‘power through’ but you owe it to yourself to take these breaks.


  1. Maintain a positive work/life balance. Spend enough, quality time working, and do the same outside of work. Visit or call/ video-call your family. Visit a new park. Watch a nostalgic film. Cook something new. Spend time in your garden. Stretch! Keep in touch with your friends and re-kindle old friendships too. Maintain a positive and fulfilling out-of-work life and your work life will follow.


  1. Talk. Just talk. Talk about rubbish. Talk about problems. Talk about what you had for dinner last night. Talk about what colour you’re thinking of painting your fence. Just… talk! We are humans. We are made to socialise, and the pandemic has disrupted that. But this doesn’t mean silence is the way forward. Social media, emails, chatrooms, text, heck even pen-pals will do!


  1. Utilise employee support. Don’t view your colleagues as colleagues. Keep it professional but be kind and supportive. We are all working for different reasons and trying to reach different goals. If you’re in a managerial position, when was the last time you asked your staff if they are OK? Do you spend any time getting to know them as individuals? Do you think they are happy? Those that are happier, produce more results!


  1. Practice mindfulness. Do you find yourself staring at a screen right up until the moment you close your eyes to sleep? And in conjunction with this, are you suffering with headaches? Sore eyes? Do you feel lethargic? Swap the screens for a book. Or don’t look at anything at all! Try taking 10 minutes to stretch before bed. Get a skincare routine! Spend the first thing you do in the morning and last thing before sleeping, looking after your skin. Try yoga or Pilates. There are so many apps where you can do this for free. Our favourite? FitOn. It’s a free fitness app that caters for everything! Morning stretches, working-out whilst looking after children, pre-natal, post-natal… the lot! And what’s better, it motivates you to reach targets fitness-wise and, exercise releases all the positive hormones! In your busy, working, stressful day, find just 10 minutes to switch off, close your eyes, breathe, and relax your muscles.


What are we doing to make sure our team have positive well-being?

We are a small team so it’s easy to support each other and spend time chatting about work, home life, and everything in-between. We encourage each other to go for a walk during our lunch-time period and we exercise on the weekends (golf, rugby, running, walking, fitness classes).

We work on setting small, achievable goals. Don’t try to over-achieve. Make your goals manageable and reward yourself in little ways once you reach a target. Also, if you own your own businesses and have staff underneath you, support them and their goals! They need to feel valued, if they are doing a good job for you, let them know. Someone who feels appreciated is far more likely to keep up the good work as they can see it’s being recognised. Everyone loses their motivation every now and then, we need to spur each other on.

My personal favourite: snack! Bring something you’ll look forward to. When you’re sat working away, you’ll forget all about it and then you’ll have a surprise! (Lately I’ve been into my crème eggs! But let’s ignore how much sugar is in them…) We also have a range of coffee’s and tea’s in the office – we recommend green tea as it’s full of the good stuff!

Podcasts are also a team favourite. You can listen to them at any time: on the way to work in the car, in the morning whilst getting ready, during your lunchtime, in the background whilst working or even before bed! Podcasts are a great way to wind down and listen to stories, documentaries and more without having to use your eyes! Rest those hard workers!


Hopefully in reading this you have recognised how important your wellbeing is and can use some of these examples in your everyday life. Happiness is always within your reach, and you can quote us on that! Life throws things our way (including a pandemic… thanks for that!) but we are a resilient species, and we grow – especially when we want to. If you are feeling low, you are not alone and there are so many people around you that can help. If you are struggling in work, talk to your employer. Confide in a friend. Make the changes that are necessary so that you are happy because that matters first and foremost.

Here are some useful links I have picked out from some very knowledgeable and accredited organisations who are here to help you, at any time you may need:

5 steps to mental wellbeing - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

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