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Business as usual? Preparing for face-to-face interviews in a post-Covid world.

24th May 2021

Yes, we say post-Covid here very lightly. Because the reality is, coronavirus will be affecting us for a long time. But we need to work on getting back a snippet of normality whilst learning to adapt in a safe and new way. Keep on reading to discover the ways that face-to face interviews will be changing and read our guide on how to prepare and overcome anxieties.

First things first, if you’re reading this and have gotten yourself an interview... a massive congratulations from us! If you’re applying your life away but haven’t heard anything back yet, keep going. We know more than anyone how tedious the process can be, but stick with it, and believe. Because anything that you believe you can do, you will. 

What to do before your interview:

Once you’ve accepted the time and date and told your recruiter you look forward to meeting them, it’s important to think about the next steps straight away. What are you going to wear? If in doubt, always go formal and don’t forget the best attire of all: a big smile! Do a bit of research on the company and the person holding the interview if you’re able to – get a feel for what kind of person they are and the values of the brand or company. Print off your CV, if the interviewer hasn’t already done so, you can walk in confidently with everything they need to know about you at their fingertips. This acts as a reminder for them too, and if you forget to mention anything, they have a refresher.


3 main ways we can expect interviews to change:

  1. Distance – keep your meters. Even when the rules fully relax, people will be weary of others. Keep both your personal space and space from the interviewer/ interviewers. Raise your volume slightly, too – if you are both wearing masks, you need to make sure communication is not suffering.
  2. Face coverings – masks are going to be the biggest change. Maintaining eye contact and remaining enthusiastic with your body language and eyes will be very important!
  3. Interview questions – at some point in your interview, the topic of remote learning will crop up, it is also important to enquire about Covid etiquette so you know how you will need to work and how your office will operate.


Overcoming anxiety and learning to socialize again…

For some of us, entering an interview might be the first form of socialization we’ve had with someone outside of our bubble. Anxiety is normal and acceptable too. Letting the interviewer know that you have anxiety around Coronavirus isn’t something to be ashamed of. Although they will probably want to know if you can adapt and be able to work as a team in a safe way, they know just as much as everyone that Coronavirus has put a spin on normality.

If you find yourself in a predicament where you feel as though you might not be ready to go back to an office full of people yet, ask if you can work remotely. Remote working has become the most popular way to work since the start of the pandemic and many employers are open to discussing this.

If the answer is a no, this is okay. Process your feelings and think to yourself, am I able to overcome this fear? Can I wear a mask comfortably and get my work done?

If the answer is still no, you may accept that you are not yet ready. And this is more than okay. If you won’t feel ready until the rules relax further and there are less cases in your area, give yourself time for this to happen.


Getting back to normality...

If you want to get past these feelings but don’t know how, we want to give you a kickstart. Begin by communicating more with others; speak to your friends and family – ask them what they’re doing and how it’s working for them. Try having regular video calls or even phone calls if you haven’t yet during lockdown, see peoples faces, feel their emotions and let them shape yours too. Go for a walk either by yourself or with someone in your bubble – head to somewhere like a park where you can maintain a distance but can still see and hear other people. It seems simple but re-introducing yourself to socialization isn’t easy for everyone.

If you have an interview coming up, you will most likely be interviewed by one, possibly two people. You will be able to sit 2 metres away and you will wear a mask when entering the building, right up until you sit down to begin your interview – even during, if either yourself or the interviewer requests to do so. Many practices are being put in place to make these situations as safe and comfortable as possible. We wish you the best of luck!


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