Foxy News - February 2022

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The Perfect Candidate Dilemma

22th April 2022

We are no strangers to a dilemma here in the UK (not the No.1 hit by Nelly). The job market is booming. There are start-ups thriving every day and global giants are needing a consistent wheel of staff to join their teams. So why are recruiters struggling to find candidates?

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Is Your Agency a Partner or Simply a Supplier?

20th February 2022

In this month’s blog post, we look at how to go about building the perfect recruitment agency – client partnership. We consider the differences between recruitment agencies that partner with their clients and those which simply supply candidates. Read on for hints and tips on perfecting that recruiter relationship!

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99 Problems? Video Interviews Shouldn't Be One.

30th January 2022

Covid-19. The virus that has consumed our lives over the last two years. It's been an uncertain and challenging period for business: particularly in the hospitality and transport sectors. However, provided companies can adapt to safeguard their employees’ health in line with the ever-changing government advice, ‘business as usual’ remains very much the status quo.

We, here in the Foxwood den, are no strangers to a video call and are here to give you some top tips on how to be the virtual candidate that gets you off the screen and into that dream role!

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'The New Years Resolution Effect'

3th January 2022

As we stumble over the finish line of what has been an unpredictable year, it’s more evident than ever that we should be prioritising self-care. And what better way to do that then thinking about that place where you direct the majority of your time and energy? Your career.

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