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99 Problems? Video Interviews Shouldn't Be One.

30th January 2022

Recruitment has carried on regardless of the ever-changing rules and regulations over the last two years. We have seen a massive upsurge of clients transitioning to video techniques to remotely interview their candidates during the pandemic; these can take the form of live video interview or recorded assessment. Video interviews can be daunting, but with the following tips built from our wealth of experience here at the Foxwood Den, video interviews don’t have to cause you any extra stress!

Preparation Prevents… Poor Performance

Sorry, not sorry. This military saying applies directly to any sort of interview.

  • Don’t mention the elephant in the room. Even if you are suspicious of using anything more technical than a calculator don’t let on! It’s the digital age: most jobs require tech skills and providing proof that you can work basic video calling software is a big tick before you even start!
  • Have a test run, bring a friend. Practice actually using the video calling platform or software, such as Zoom (N.B. unfortunately this is not a sponsored blog, other options are available) so that you feel as comfortable as possible when the camera starts rolling for real.
  • Strong and stable. Not Dwayne Johnson, your internet connection! You might be able recite the entire works of Shakespeare from memory or sell snow to a polar bear (metaphorically obviously!), but if your internet connection is patchy or weak you won’t be able to make a good account of yourself.


First Impressions Count

Cliché alert! But seriously, they do.

  • Dress to impress. You are interviewing for a job, smart clothes are a must and just because you aren’t meeting someone in the flesh this shouldn’t change, end of. Oh, and don’t be that person, please wear trousers.
  • You are the focus. A plain background means that nothing will divert the interviewer’s attention from Number One. You can have a silver tongue to rival 007, but dirty clothes, dishes or messy bookshelves behind you will shout far longer and louder than any words coming out your mouth, guaranteed.
  • The same goes for interruptions: find a quiet room, lock the door and turn your phone off. If you can’t schedule half an hour out of your day for an interview without being interrupted, that hardly gives a good picture of your time management skills. Not to mention, unless you have no shame, you will probably be embarrassed and completely lose your train of thought- we know we would.


Body Language Speaks Volumes

Video interviews are less personal, believe us, we know better than most. It’s harder to get the same rapport with the interviewer as in a face-to-face interview, but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage with the person on the other end of the camera.

  • Smile! Nothing says warmth like a confident smile yes, there is a global pandemic and interviews are stressful enough in normal circumstances, but glowering at the camera like a petulant teenager never got anyone hired.
  • You wouldn’t look at your interviewer’s lap in a face-to-face interview, so why do it in a video interview? Looking directly into the camera as you speak creates eye contact makes you far more engaging to the interviewer and ensures you come across as more personable.
  • Last cliché (we promise), but arguably the most important. Be yourself!


So, there it is. Hopefully these pointers will help you ace any video interview first time!

If you’re after some more advice on how to ensure interviews in general aren’t one of your ninety-nine problems, we’re pretty sure the content at https://foxwoodrecruitment.com/candidate-zone/ will stand you in great stead. If you fancy going the extra mile to hear these tips from the horse’s mouth, or even just hearing a friendly voice to help soothe the inevitable pre-interview nerves, feel free to call our team here at the Foxwood Den on 01633 749400 for a confidential chat.