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'The New Years Resolution Effect'

3th January 2022

Statistically the ratio of applications to vacancies in January is drastically lop-sided, it’s aptly named ‘The New Year’s Resolution Effect’. In the recruitment world, January is a notoriously competitive month to bag yourself the perfect role as the market becomes flooded with eager candidates. So, by taking stock of your career, perfecting your CV and having that clear plan, you can put you in the best possible position to succeed in getting that new role.

So, why not reflect on your achievements over the last 12 months and start visualising your goals for this coming year. On average, you’ll spend a whopping 92,120 hours of your life working – so it’s important to do something you love. The first day back to work after Christmas can for some, be a very sobering experience without the sense of excitement for the challenges of the year to come. 

Our newest team member Jess no stranger to reflecting:

“Trial and error is essential to knowing what job is truly going to challenge you, excite you and make you want to get out of bed in the morning. It’s ok to not know exactly what you want to do, but you’ve got to do your research and make sure your next role offers you steps forward, allowing you to achieve your career goals and compliment your personal life. I reflected on my previous role and realised that sometimes the career that your experienced in may not be the one that allows you to be where you want to be mentally or financially or truly what you want to be doing. Don’t be afraid to look at the bigger picture, one step back might allow you to take 10 steps further in the future. There’s always pressure to be the best for the company, to focus on their gain by having you but actually, what’s your gain? Don’t sacrifice your goals and ambitions for the gain of others. Put you first.”

Take this new year as an opportunity to make a career evaluation; consider both your successes and failures, what you do and don’t enjoy about the role…have you achieved what you set out to do for 2021?



If you’re set on finding a new role in January, make sure you’re choosing the right employer. At Foxwood Recruitment, we believe the most important aspect when choosing your next role is matching cultures; do your interests align with your future employer? We find that the most common factor in successful careers is a shared belief in the business and company DNA.

Jonathan Davies, our Director at Foxwood Recruitment and ex-Business Development Director at a UK-wide distribution logistics firm says:

When recruiting, I would always consider the candidate’s cultural fit as much as their sales performance. A sales person could be the best in one environment but if there’s cultural clashes, they will either fail to succeed or find longevity within the company.

When assessing the market, delve a little deeper into the activities of the company, do they undertake charity work? Are there sporting opportunities?

If your new year’s reflection leaves you feeling disengaged with your current employer, make sure your next one offers the things you value and inspire you. Take at a look at the handy GlassDoor website; it reviews potential employers and presents itself to the job hunter as a balance of pros and cons, warts and all.

Engagement between employees and employer is a key aspect in productivity and its importance is not to be underestimated. Chris Rowson at Recruitment International says; “Poor engagement with work is the main contributor to a lack of productivity”. To get around this, this January, get involved with the business more! Ask for targets, updates and expectations; this will naturally mean you are more involved in the business’ growth.

Not surprisingly, many people set their aims on receiving a pay rise or promotion for the new year. There are a number of points you need to pay attention to before going in for the ‘chat’. Lindsay Pollack, the workplace expert, says that before going for the promotion, you firstly need to identify what you specifically can offer the company and secondly, how that matches to the identifiable needs of the company. Put frankly, a promotion or pay rise won’t happen if you’re offering something the business doesn’t need.

Well that’s a wrap – We hope you have enjoyed the Christmas break and have taken the time to relax, recharge the batteries. Make just a little bit of time to focus your mind on your career prospects for 2022!