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The Perfect Candidate Dilemma

22th April 2022

The candidate pool post-pandemic is a different swimming ground for recruiters and companies. The world has learnt to be more flexible and accommodating, so why haven’t some companies shifted with their approach when it comes to recruiting into their teams?

So, what’s attractive to candidates?


Our Foxwood heads have come together to give you our top five easy fixes, based on what we have found candidates are looking for in the current market.

Being flexible.

Each company has a DNA at its core. Finding that someone who matches your company’s core values and ticks every box on your specification is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Why not look at the bigger picture? The fact that a candidate holds your company’s core values and has the potential to be a star team member should be enough for you to give them a shot and teach them what needs to be taught to turn them into the round peg you’re looking for.

Making ads attractive.

Set the scene from the start line by showcasing your best angle and benefits. It’s a competitive market out there, so tailor the language of your job ads to be more flexible to get the right people applying. Using words like ‘is preferable but not essential’ will help some candidates feel more confident in applying as they won’t discount themselves for not ticking every ‘must-have’ on the list.

Being bulletproof.

If you are hiring for a role, have those answers to potential questions ready to go. Questions from a candidate show tenacity, and in this competitive market, being uncertain about details regarding your role or job specification could put you at the bottom of the ‘offers I would accept’ list.


Being clear on what the role looks like is essential when hiring. How are you or your recruiter meant to know who to hire or where the blurred lines are if you don’t really know the ins and outs of the role you’re recruiting into?  

Be prompt.

If you find a standout candidate, then move quick. Don’t wait for more candidates to magically appear – act quickly with your best foot forward. The job market is far too competitive to mess around… you snooze, you lose.

So, remember… Let’s drop the ‘There are no candidates for my role’. We understand the market feels more competitive than ever right now, but roll with the times. Could you make your role a mid-level position instead of a specialist position until you can give that candidate what they need to be your specialist within a 6-month period? Why hold a vacancy for months in hope that the perfect candidate will appear and put the rest of your team under stress. Be brave and make yours the flexible company who draws candidates in with your vision, rather than scaring them off with a large list of untenable demands.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what you can do to help when hiring, check our Foxy News tab on our website for some more hints and tips. Feel free to pop us a call on 01633 749400 for a chat about any questions you may have, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading our blog… stay tuned for our candidate advice blog coming up soon!